The 5 hour prelicensing class is required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) prior to taking the New York State road test.

You must have a photo learners permit or interim learners permit with New York State Identification from the DMV to take the 5 hour class.

This class is mandatory.  Without it you can not take the New York State road test.

After taking the 5 hour prelicensing class you will receive the mv-278 form.

You need the mv-278 form to schedule and take your road test.

You must reserve your seat to be guaranteed admittance.

Call today to reserve your seat!

5 Hour Prelicensing Class Schedule:

Monday 10:30-3:30pm and 6-11pm
Tuesday 10:30-3:30pm and 6-11pm
Wednesday 10:30-3:30pm and 6-11pm
Thursday 10:30-3:30pm and 6-11pm
Friday 10:30-3:30pm
Saturday 10-3pm

Next Available 5 Hour Classes:

Monday 9/24 6-11pm
Wednesday 9/26 6-11pm
Friday 9/28 10:30-3:30pm
Saturday 9/29 10-3pm
Monday 10/1 6-11pm
Tuesday 10/2 10:30-3:30pm
Wednesday 10/3 10:30-3:30pm
Wednesday 10/3 6-11pm
Friday 10/5 10:30-3:30pm
Saturday 10/6 10-3pm
Monday 10/8 10:30-3:30pm
Monday 10/8 6-11pm
Wednesday 10/10 10:30-3:30pm
Wednesday 10/10 6-11pm
Friday 10/12 10:30-3:30pm