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Drivetrain Driving School provides all of the services you need in a one stop driving school shop.

We have behind the wheel private driving lessons, do the mandatory 5 hour prelicensing class you need to schedule your

New York State road test, provide a car and driving instructor to take you to the road test, and can schedule the road test
for you.

You can schedule the road test youself but we can save you time and effort.

You dont have to run around trying to find a friend that can take a day off from work to take you to your road test.

You want the headache?

I dont think so.

When your friend doesnt show up or cant make it and cancels on you even worse.

We will have the car ready on time and ready to go.

Buy a road test package and we can set everything  for you.

One stop shopping.

We will give you driving lessons to prepare you for the road.

Give you a driving lesson the day of your road test, schedule the road test and provide the car.

I forgot well be caring , couteous, polite and teach you how to pass the road test.

Buy the best Drivetrain Driving School
Driving Lessons 
5 Hour Prelicensing Class
Car For Road Test
We offer professional driving lessons in Manhattan and the greater New York City. 
Get your New York State Drivers License now!
Free door to door pick up in Manhattan.
Just got your learners permit?
Now you need to take a DMV certified 5 hour prelicensing class.

Do you have a car for the road test?
We can provide the car for you to take the road test.
Of course we provide the licensed driver.
Road Test Appointment
Complete Driving Packages
Road Test Packages
Do you need a fast road test appointment?

We can schedule the road test for you.

Fast or slow its only $75.
You need driving lessons?

You need a car for your road test and want us to schedule the test for you?

Look at these complete driving packages.

Similar to the complete driving packages.
The road test package gives you a 0/60/90 mninute lesson right before your test, car rental and road test appointment.
These packages are for experienced drivers.
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