Driving Lessons
Drivetrain Driving School offers behind the wheel on the road driving lessons. 

Learn to drive in traffic, parallel parking , 3 point u turn, and driving on the highway. 

We teach you everything you need in order to drive a car then we teach you how to pass your road test.

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If you dont already know we will teach you the basics like starting a car, signaling, turning on your windshield wipers, heat controls, radio etc.

Learn to accelerate and decelerate smoothly as you approach the intersection.  

Learn the difference between a regular stop sign and an allway stop sign.

Learn how to deal with an intersection that has traffic.

We will teach you the right of way rules and defensive driving techniques so you can be a safe driver on the road.

Drivetrain Driving School offers professional driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers in Manhattan. 

We teach yout the basics, advanced driving skills, defensive driving and all of the information you need to pass the New York state road test.

Schedule a quick road test and get your drivers license a.s.a.p.

Learn to drive in all types of conditions Light-Moderate-Heavy traffic, Highway and Night Driving.

(Intermediate - Professional)

Here are more options.

Larger packages for more practice.

Driving lessons in New York City.
Pick up and drop off anywhere in Manhattan.  Small packages between 1-5.5 hours of driving lessons to get you started.
(Complete Driving Packages)

You want driving lessons, the car rental for your road test and road test appointment.

Look at these packages.